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        所屬專題:小學英語作文  來源:滬江小學資源網    要點:小學英語作文  
        編輯點評: 作文的寫作靠的是同學們平時點點滴滴的積累,而英語作文則更是如此,小編特意為同學們整理了小學英語作文系列,并配以英文原聲音頻,供大家學習誦讀。


        第一段開頭句:The people in Ciji are ordinary people.
        第二段開頭句:Many people know that Ciji is an organization.
        第三段開頭句:I like my school life very much, because I can do lots of thing with my classmates.

        The people in Ciji are ordinary people, but they have done a great job.
        Ciji started as a group of 30 housewives, who saved a small amount of money each day and has grown to have more than 4.5 million members worldwide.
        Many people know that Ciji is an organization that focuses on community service and outreach, eapecially in the areas of medicine, education, and disaster relief.
        It conducts its mission via an international network of volunteers.
        It has many sub-organizations around the world.
        They help to build many hospitals and schools worldwide, from kindergardens to universities and medical schools.
        I hope someday I can be a member of Ciji too.